BMW M3 2007 Key Programming with Xtool X100 Pad 3 xpad3

Car model and year: BMW M3 2007


Purpose: Key Programming


BMW key programmer to use: Xtool X100 Pad 3


Simple Guide:

BMW – auto search and show you what system it has. Manually after the model will also show what kind of system. It’s better to make a copy of the time before making keys after lunch. There is always something to come back to.


Please note that: after obd xpad3 probably will do it too, but it’s better to have a copy in case of failure. Turn on the charger when you’re about to work after noon.


CAS3 or CAS3+?

Will depend on what region or country you are in. You should try determining exactly which CAS either 3 or 3+ Either way. Much safer to remove CAS and program on bench

To avoid Bricking CAS module.


2007 can easily be Cas3+

If you attempt via OBD2 you will have a good chance to brick the CAS module

ALWAYS do these on bench.

The extra 10 minutes is well worth the 5+ hours to recover the CAS module.


Learn more Xtool X100 Pad 3 (xpad3):