Fix Xtool Tablet Stuck on the loading page problem via Quicksupport

A question from our customer: after booting the Xtool X100 PAD, I select the OBD2 function, unfortunately, it stays on the loading page.

Xtool X100 Pad Stay On Loading Page 01 Solution:

You should reinstall the software to make your device works again,No need to flash the machine
Xtool scanners with Remote control assistant function,once you get any problems, we will arrange the engineer check the problem fast

SP368 Overview[00 02 17][20211021 170008]

How to use Remote control assistant :

  1. Open “quicksupport” on the tablet, and you will have one ID (shown as below), click on “Send my ID”.  


Xtool X100 Pad Stay On Loading Page 03

  1. Accept the request from Xtool Tech Support to connect your tablet.


  1. Wait to download the software remotely.


  1. Alright, the bug is fixed.


Hope it helps!