How to Solve “Unfortunately, X100PAD2 has stopped” Problem for Remote Programming?

Here share the solution to fix the “Unfortunately, X100PAD2 has stopped” problem. It applies to XTOOL X100 PAD2 and X100 PAD2 Pro.

One question from our FB Group member Mohammad Ahmed:

Hello, all you amazing people. I’m trying to program remote for Opel Corsa D.My xtool kicks me out same time… suggestions, please…Or can I program the remote manually? Thank you!

Unfortunately X100pad2 Has Stopped Solution

Answer by Can Akbaş:

Cannot program manually… u need a security code and program via obd2.For remote and transponder together… on board.

Important! engineer also offers the solution for it:

You’d better uninstall the current X100 Pad2 APP and install it again by the following available link, then download car software.

If have the same problem, please use the methods offered above to fix it. Come and share your test result with us!

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