XTOOL Anyscan A30 Review: Perfectly Read and Clear Codes for Different Cars

Here have collected some newest customer reviews about XTOOL Anyscan A30. This code reader has been confirmed that it can read &clear codes and do other functions on Promaster city, Audi, Benz, Volvo, Ford, Nissan, Dodge and BMW, etc.

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@Basheer: Easy to use

Perfect way to start my life with this Anyscan A30!
Just a few steps to know of reactivating the xtool after deleting the app, but the product is useful.

Xtool Anyscan A30 Review 2


@Preston: Awesome Bi-Directional Scan Tool!

Best scanner for the money by far, it has all the features that any comparable tool that’s 8 times the price has ex: launch, Autel. It does all system scan, reads and clears codes, bi-directional control, reads ecu ids it does it all! When I was shopping for a tool this one didn’t even come across my radar and just came across it by blind luck and I’m so happy I found this xtool a30. Worked perfectly on my 2016 Promaster city and my 09 Audi A4.


@CPED80: Clears all Codes Mercedes and Volvo

Has cleared all airbag and codes in 2013 Mercedes C250, and 2007 Volvo XC90. If you need something that not only reads but also clears codes, this is xtool anyscan a30.

Xtool Anyscan A30 Review 3


@Zenmaster: Easy to use and works flawlessly

Scanner is easy to use and works as advertised. Anyscan software is not cluttered nor clunky to use. It has a very clean interface. Tried on 3 different vehicles so far: a Ford Flex, Nissan Versa Note and a Dodge Journey. The xtool a30 scanner works flawless and reads each system and individual modules. Scanner has limited special functions but makes up for it in diagnosing systems and modules. I had a problem in pulling up the pdf reports within the software and Xtool store was prompt in replying to my question. Works as well as other more expensive scanners!


@ZN: Amazing value OBD scanner, powerful dealership level diagnostics!

I was considering getting the Launch X431 but glad that I bought this Xtool Anyscan instead. Does everything that the Launch scanner does for way cheaper. This has full dealership level diagnostics for my BMW and not just generic OBD codes. So I can read manufacturer specific codes, read live sensor values and do actuations. The Anyscan app has support for every car company and didn’t charging separately for each brand in their app like most of the other scanners do.
It even has a nifty flashlight and shows the car’s battery voltage on its little screen.
Very happy with this product so far!

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