Xtool D8 Bi-Directional OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Feeback:Value for the price

As XTOOL 2021 new release automotive scanner targeted for professional mechanics, D8 equipped with advanced ECU Coding, active test, OE-Level full systems diagnostic, 31+ special functions, which cover more than 85+ brand vehicles models, powerful dealership level functions can fully meet your needs.

Is it worth buying? Let’s go to find the real feedbacks from users:

Reviews 1. Bi-Directional OBD code reader at an affordable price!

I’m a home mechanic responsible for keeping 4 cars safely on the road. With my family somedays this should be a full time job!! I got tired of the parts cannon approach and finally bit the bullet and got a bi-directional code reader. I saw a xTool’s D7 review on youtube and thought it was what I was looking for. I noticed the D8 while looking for D7’s and I don’t know what the exact differences are but the D8 has been great. Used it to track down a bad IAC servo on our 2001 subaru forester which saved me a bunch on NOT having to buy injectors that were not bad! I would recommend this OBDii tool for sure. I would recommend watching South Main Auto Repair on YouTube for great lessons on tracking down faulty compoents and wires!!

Reviews 2.The Xtool D8 auto scanner has the best and latest specifications for the amature car mechanic

This 2021 D8 unit has most of the required service action requirements to work on the family car or to understand what type of service the average owner will need from the service department with out being taken advantaged of. Updates are simple one button. Selection of make/model is another one button. For the price, it supplies the necessary work without the high end price of the competition. Exchange with Xtool by email to answer a question are usually one or two days. They even respond back on Saturdays. Remember that they are half way around the world but next door with customer service.

Reviews 3.Value for the price

As a ASE certified master mechanic I have used Snap On, OTC, etc. I wanted a unit for my home box for personal use and looked at the reviews on You Tube and thought I would give this unit a try. The price with updates was an incentive to try it and I am glad I did. Quite frankly it works and it works well. So far I have used it on two of my cars, one tracking down an O2 sensor problem and the unit worked as well as any other I have used. I ran it side by side with the Snap On and received identical information. I am impressed with the quality of the unit and would recommend purchasing the XTOOL D8.
Reviews 4.
I just ordered a spare key for my 2019 Chevy Express and I can’t wait to get it so I can use the key programming feature to program the key which will save me around $60-70 for this type of vehicle/key.

Xtool D8 is an impressive car scanner that can handle a lot of things and then some. As a DIYer, I get lost in some of its features which means a more knowledgeable DIYer or a professional can take advantage of everything Xtool D8 has to offer, save time, figure and solve car problems much faster, etc.

Instead of going by my words, you can probably get a much better idea about this car scanner from the many pictures I took while going through the menu then hooking the D8 to the OBD2 port and eventually starting the engine too for the many things you can do/see live.

It has over 30 special functions and covers a multitude of car brands all over the world. Still, if you want to make sure your car supports a certain feature to be performed, do what I did – email XTOOL and ask.

I hope the pictures I took will help you see more than I can say. Have a great day!

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