XTOOL Major Car Diagnosis Function Update Notice

XTOOL Diagnosis tool has hot-sale and cost-effective products such as PS90, EZ500, A80 H6 are all accurate, fast and highly-efficient professional diagnostic platforms. They increasingly become car owners or DIYer’s facncies with affordable price for powerful and most needed special functions.

XTOOL develops high-end and new style automotive diagnostic tool under the guidance of Android system and Internet application.


Let’s check together XTOOL Major Car Diagnosis Function Update Notice in August 2020. (Use ctrl+v to quickly find the keywords you want to search.)


Toyota-Toyota Lexus V12.80

>Toyota and Lexus models support until 2020, and some until2021 > The common special functions of all models under the Toyota Lexus brand have been fully covered

>The original Chinese data stream covers 21 systems including engine, gearbox, ABS, self-start-stop, hybrid system control, air conditioning, tire pressure, plug-in control, and electric motor System.


BENZ-Mercedes-Benz/Beijing Benz V19.50

>KI-Dashboard: After coding, you can make personalized settings, you can modify the language settings, the display unit of the speedometer and driving distance, and you can activate or deactivate some modes: blind assist, lane keeping assist, and ambient lighting Wait

>Engine system: It is possible to carry out correction programming of related ignition switch, fuel quantity, idle speed standard speed when the selector lever position is at ‘P’ or ‘N’

>Electronic ignition switch: the maximum speed per hour, the key slot can be disabled and enabled, etc.

>PTS-Parking Positioning System: You can modify the volume and frequency of the parking system alarm Sound at the front and rear to reset

>Air conditioner: you can set the blower power, the air internal circulation mode, the change of the adjusted temperature, etc


Hyundai V12.70

>Import Hyunda basic functions to support until 2020,including commonly used Elantra, Santa Fe, Sonata, and Tucson all support the latest model until 2020

>Beijing Hyundai special functions support until 2019, including common special functions such as IX25, Sonata, Langdong, Mingtu and other common models of tire pressure module, smart key-antenna function


BMW V10.90

>Add f/6 Chassis brush hide new mode

>Optimize Polish text

>Add manual input of 7-digit VIN code function

>Update the VIN code base to May 2020

>0ptimize the procedures and prompts of maintenance reset and maintenance correction functions; optimize maintenance correction input time and mileage

>Add Special functions: active steering test run, automatic tailgate initialization


1.Update the VIN code base to May 2020

2.0ptimize maintenance and correct input mileage and time;

3.Add MINI F chassis of programming and coding function


VW V10.93/V10.91/W10.92

Support A80M online function

>Optimize Audi A8(D6-lef side light control 2),Santana(airbag, instrument system) software bug

>first sue Vietnamese


NISSAN-Nissan/ Infiniti/Dongfeng Nissan/Dongfeng Kaichen V11.90

>Add KICKS, LIVINA C-GEAR, SUNNY, NV200, TEANA, Venucia T90,X-TRAIL and other models under the engine, ABS, ADCM, and 42 ECUs under the gearbox system store data required for CPU replacement, write data required for CPU replacement, target ignition timing maintenance, fuel injection volume learning, and input infector calibration data and other 229 special functions

>Add common special functions such as storage of CPU replacement data, writing data required for replacing CPU, target ignition timing maintenance, fuel injection quantity learning, input injector calibration data and other common special functions of common domestic models such as Teana, Sylphy, Qijun, etc.


Ford VI2.50/VI2.51/VI12.52

>Add special functions such as audio, module initialization, FFH startup heater application, PATS function (partial),driver seat module, PCM service function, and vehicle data relearning for Ford models before 2018 >Add Ford 2014-2019 manual maintenance reset function

>Add Ford’s 2018-2020 new model throttle matching, steering angle matching, ABS maintenance deflation, electronic brakes, tire pressure reset, remote start, IVD initialization sequence, module reset, fuel injectors, power balance, DPF(diesel particles) Filter)special functions such as manual regeneration, diesel particulate filter reset, power window initialization, etc


Baojun V8.20

>Add E100, E200,RC-6 Cross, RM-5, RS-3, RS-5, Baojun 310, Baojun 310W, Baojun 360, Baojun 510, Baojun 530, Baojun 560, Baojun 730 and other online calibration functions

>Add E100, E200,RC-6 Cross, RM-5, RS-3, RS-5, Baojun 310, Baojun 310W, Baojun 330, Baojun 360, Baojun 510, Baojun 530, Baojun 560, Baojun 730 and other immobilization models(Secret Free)Function


Add online calibration function and immobilization (password free) function


MAZDA V11.62

>Optimize the display of Mazda model information

>Add Mazda offline programming prompt information

>Mazda Vietnamese version first released


Aston Martin V5.30

>Optimize the database structure of vanquish and other vehicle version information, code reading, code clearing, reading data stream and other functions


GM V11.00

>:First in Vietnamese


Peugeot V10.63

> Optimize the process of clear code


SHGM-Cruze/Weilang/Regal/Lacrosse/MaiRuibao/Sail3/Angkola/Aiweiou/Chuangku/Yinglang/Velite5/ GL8/Excelle /Exploration Winner/Envision  V14.80

>Add immobilization key matching function:

>Improve the system configuration, setting and deletion functions of engine, gearbox, body, airbag, power steering, ABS, etc

>Modify the problem of garbled characters displayed when reading version information of RDS vehicle models, and there is no problem with exit button and exit command in action test

>Modify the problem of the 2016 Buick Excelle airbag and ABS system cannot enter


Land rover Jaguar V10.45

>Add Vietnamese MN) support

>Optimize the filter menu for special function conditions.

>Optimize version information and data flow for some models.

>Add special functions such as tailgate/luggage calibration


FAW V7.66

>Optimize the data flow of the Pentium-Bentium B50 series-B50 (before 2015) airbag system.

>Optimize the data flow of the Pentium-Bentium B50 series-B50 (before 2015) instrument System.


Optimize Pentium B50 airbag and instrument system data flow


Geely V9.41

>Modify the instrument configuration function of EC7I8-RV model instrument system

> Update the fault code library of EC718-RV automatic transmission

> Modify VIN code positioning rules

> Solve the problem of incorrect display of data stream on Emgrand GS model HIGHIIGIT:

Optimize VIN positioning function, fault code library


BAIC V8.11

>Repair Weiwang(M20/M30) engine combined with electronic DAM15 to write VIN code

>Repair write VIN function

SGMW V8.20

>Add SGMW 730.SGMW PLUS,SGMW S.SGMW SL.SGMW S1 Lux, S-GMW S3,SGMW V,SGMW Zhengcheng and other vehicle model online calibration function

>Add SGMW SL,SGMW S3,SGMW Zhengcheng and other vehicle model immobilization (password free) function


Add online calibration function and immobilization (password free) function



>Optimize the data flow of Swift Engine(Denso Electronic Control System)

>Optimize the data flow of Swift power steering;


Optimize data stream

Brilliance Jinbei

>Add Zunchi, Junjie series, H230, H320,V3,H230(electric), V6, Guanjing, Jinbei Hiace, Huasong Automobile,etc. vehicle model with T75 special functions, such as:

Write VIN code, read calibration data, write online status(EOL),write service date, write production date, sensor calibration, hydraulic control unit test, fill exhaust, automatic test, software reset, write vehicle configuration information, self-learning, TPMF reset, total mileage(0D0) reset, write total mileage, steering angle sensor calibration, etc.


Add Special functions



>Add 576 special functions in 79 categories in a total of 27models

>Add Special functions and motion test function


Dongfeng Fengshen

>AX7(after February 2016) engine data flow algorithm repair >Optimize data stream


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