XTOOL Major Tire Pressure Scanners Overview & Function Update

Xtool Tire Pressure Scanner has current on-sale professional products such as Xtool TP150 and Xtool TS100, which integrates tire pressure programming, tire pressure diagnosis, and tire pressure matching.

This article will first give an overview of XTOOL major tire pressure scanners and then talk about something concerned with their function update.


  1. XTOOL Major Tire Pressure Scanners Overview

1)XTOOL TP150 supports activation of 315MHz and 433MHz tire pressure sensors. It can perform tire pressure diagnosis on thousands of models, and wirelessly program 1-8 TS100 universal programmable tire pressure sensors. It has equipped with tire pressure monitoring system(TPMS) and help car users tackle the issues of short tire life, tire puncture accident and fast fuel consumption.

You have to know how powerful TPMS is! Actually, it can automatically monitor the tire pressure in the process of  vehicle running  and to alarm the tire leakage and low air pressure to ensure safe driving.

TP150 has functions about TPMS such as Activation, Relearn, ​and Read sensor data.

It has TPMS sensor check which can help you see sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature sensor battery and all the further information it detects will be displayed on the smart screen.

XTOOL Major Tire Pressure Scanners Overview & Function Update


Let’s check its specific functions:

  • Support triggering all of the tire pressure sensors(frequency band: 315MHz and 433MHz).

    •Support reading, writing in sensor’s ID values.

    •Support tire pressure sensor programming, and program eight tire pressure sensors in real time.

    •Support tire pressure faulty diagnosis,including read code, clear code etc.

    •Support reading tire pressure data in real time,including tire pressure temperature, pressure, battery voltage, and display them in diagram.



2)XTOOL TS100 is a programmable universal tire pressure sensor, which covers 98% vehicles and modes. It can help car owners effectively improve driving safety, thus avoiding accidents caused by tire aging, air leakage and blowout.

It equips with Clamp-in options which​​ are both smart and efficient specially built for sensor replacement with maximum application coverage.

XTOOL Major Tire Pressure Scanners Overview & Function Update


Let’s check its key features:

  • Superior battery reliability
  • Lower weight
  • Built-in high quality battery
  • Two-in-one sensors ensure double frequency
  • Easy to use
  • Solid & durable


  1. XTOOL Major Tire Pressure Scanners Function Update

Add Activation And Programming Function V6. 90



>Geometry-Geometry A


>COWIN -X3/X5/X7


>CHANGAN-CS75 Plus/Yuexiang




Competitive Products have nor menu for this vehicle model