XTOOL Tablet Series Car Diagnosis FIAT V10.40

XTOOL tablet series include two categories’ products of “key programmer” and “diagnosis tool”. Key programming tools like X100 Pad3 and X100 Pad2 prosupport car diagnosis, the difference is X100 Pad3 supporting all-system diagnosis while X100 Pad2 Pro only four systems. All the products of the category of “diagnosis tool” such as PS90 pro, A80 H6 and EZ500 support car diagnosis. One of the big difference is whether the specified product supporting full-system diagnosis or not. This is also one of the reason why the price for each product of this category varies differently.


Now, let’s check the detailed updated information Car Diagnosis FIAT V10.40

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian,Vietnamese


1. Newly added 2019 model year 500X, 2018 model year: 500L, GIULIA, STELVIO, 2017 model year STELVIO and original model TORO, 500L, VIAGIO, PUNTO EVO, OTTIMO , Novo Uno FL, MOBI, FREEMONT, FIORINO QUBO, Egea/Tipo Sedan/HB/SW, DUCATO, DOBLO’, CINQUECENTO/500/959, Fiat Panda, 500X, 500 and other models PROXI calibration program, ORC (airbag) ) Proxi calibration, MTA (manual automatic transmission) Proxi configuration, LIN request check, LIN line check request, LIN ultrasonic sensor check, LED light control command, ITM initialization siren, FCM enable emission cycle test mode, ECU restart program, ECMProxi calibration, AFLS calibration, ABS initialization, factory VIN code lock, read Proxi, forced AF (air-fuel) learning, forced AF (air-fuel) gasoline, forced AF (air-fuel) alcohol, injection 4 replacement, injection 3 replacement , Injection 2 replacement, injection 1 replacement, initializing EPPM, clearing misfire TLC, replacing cylinder 3 injector, replacing cylinder 2 injector, replacing cylinder 1 injector, oxygen sensor 1 initializing, driver’s rearview mirror axis Y Command, driver’s rearview mirror axis x command, shift lever position test (62TE), front phase reset, intake manifold replacement and other special functions.

2.1. Newly added 2019 model year 500X, 2018 model year: 500L, GIULIA, STELVIO, 2017 model year STELVIO and original model SEDICI, BRAVO (198), PHEDRA (180), STILO, QUBO, Grande PUNTO, DOBLO ‘, 500, Novo Uno FL, Giulietta, ULYSSE (179) and other vehicles Danger warning lights, roof lights, rear side lights/right light instructions, front side lights/left light instructions, central control lock, central control unlock , Speedometer, tachometer, rear fog light warning light, seat belt warning light, climate control compressor, fuel injector 1, fuel injector 2, fuel injector 3, fuel injector 4, fuel pump relay command, Air conditioning relay control, throttle solenoid valve, air conditioning relay control, air nozzle 1 and other action tests.

3. Newly added 2019 model year 500X, 2018 model year: 500L, GIULIA, STELVIO, 2017 model year STELVIO and the original model optimization FREEMONT, STILO VAN, 300/MAGNUM/CHARGER (Pre-2011) /THEMA, Egea-Tipo Sedan-HB-SW, TORO, Novo Uno FL, TOWM & COUNTRY/CARAVAN/VOYAGER, YPSILON, GIULIA and other model version information, code reading, code clearing, reading data stream, special functions and other function databases structure.

4. Added the functions of automatic vehicle recognition and automatic scanning system.

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