XTOOL X100 PAD2 (Pro) How to Transfer files to PC?

When you have read out EEPROM data or others using XTOOL X100 PAD2/X100 PAD2 Pro, do you know how to load the files from XTOOL tablet to your PC or send to others? Don’t worry! If you don’t know, this post will help you to solve it.


First, let’s see the related customer problems as follows.

@ Maksoud Anas:


I have X100 pad 2. I have read one Eeprom and was well, but I need this file, how to transfer this file from x100 pad2 to my pc?

Xtool X100 Pad2 Pro Load Files To Pc


@ Wrcarsolutions:

hi guys! i have a xtool pad2 and i need to do immo off on a vehicle, but after i load the file and go to eeprom on the xtool the file is nowhere to be found and also i cannot see any of the eeprom files i have read on my pc Even if i search for them. Please help.

More info…

When I have my xtool plugged in to my pc, I can not find any of my eeprom files that is on the xtool… like if I want to do immo of I read the chip and save the dump on xtool, then I plug my xtool into my pc, I cannot find that dump anywhere. I also cannot find files in storage on the xtool itself so that means I can read eeprom but cannot send to anyone.


Next, check the solution offered by @ 6n2GTI which has been confirmed by xtool.co.uk engineer.

You need to transfer the files from internal storage to external storage.

From xtool app go to file manager and then copy your dump (it is saved in a map called “adapter”) to external storage.

Download a file manager to sent the file or use usb cable to connect pc.


Last but not least, if you have the same problem, please try to solve it using the method above. Come and share your test result with us!

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