XTOOL X100 PAD2 (Pro) Missing Nissan Pin Code Data Files Solution

How to solve the XTOOL X100 PAD2/X100 PAD2 Pro “Missing Nissan Pin code data files, download the upgrade tool!” problem? Please go to fix it with the following solution offered by xtool.co.uk engineer.

X100 Pad2 Pro Data File Missing Solution 1

The solution:

Please uninstall the Nissan software package and install it again.


1.Guide to uninstall car software:

Step 1: Open the app and find the “Report”

Step 2: Find the “File Management” menu

Step 3: Select the “Edit”, click on the unneeded car

Step 4: Delete the software

Reference: How to solve xtool x100 pad2 insufficient machine memory  problem


2.Guide to install car software:

Go to “Update” function and select the related Nissan software to download again

X100 Pad2 Pro Data File Missing Solution 2

X100 Pad2 Pro Data File Missing Solution 3

Please kindly notice:

This solution also can be used to fix other car models’ data file missing problem on XTOOL X100 PAD2 (Pro) auto key programmer.


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