XTOOL X100 Pad2 Pro: How to Test Functions + EPS Car List

Xtool X100 Pad2 Pro is very cost-effective that can provide the most appropriate solutions for mechanic, staff of repair shops and car DIYers. Sharing the same car list with Xtool X100 Pad3, it also equips with strong battery, large storage and fast running speed.

Moreover, It has innovative one-click oil reset function for extensive car models, 4 systems diagnosis, and provides professional key programming as well as supports special functions including oil service light reset, timing belt service light reset, tire pressure warning light reset, EPB reset, throttle body reset, DPF reset, battery reset, etc.

It still has large influence on vehicle diagnosis tool by virtue of competitive advantage among similar products in and beyond Xtool band.


Check the updated tutorial of today’s tech article as below.


What do “Test Functions” exactly mean?

It can read and clear faults codes for all systems of vehicles.

PART ONE: How to Test Functions?

Using BMW as an example, select Common Diagnosis, then select EUROPE. Choose the BMW word. If the word is not showing on the screen, please swipe up or down to display it.

PLEASE NOTE: Different vehicles have different menus and systems.

Common main function menu includes the following options:

Read ECU: This function is to read the ECU version information, which is the equivalent of “System Identification” or “System Information” in some electronic control systems.

This will allow you to read ECU related software and hardware versions, models and production date of diesel engine, part number, etc.

Read DTCs: read the trouble codes that are stored in the ECU.

Clear DTCs: clear current and historical trouble codes memory in ECU. The trouble codes can not be erased without eliminating the fault that the code relates to. TIP: Save or print the currently stored fault codes before clearing them to provide help in the case of an intermittent fault.

 4.2.2. Toolbar function buttons descriptions

Function Buttons Descriptions
  Return to previous interface
  Print test data
  Click to record the data, click again to send your feedback to XTOOL service center

After clicking the data record button the second time the data feedback page will appear as shown below, showing diagnostic software version, vehicle being tested, and the steps performed in the diagnostic process. Users can then enter the nature of the problem and any other relevant information and send the form to the Xtool engineering department.



We’ve got to learn about the EPS Car List for different car make areas worldwide