How To Fix Xtool X100 Pro2 “System File Error”

Using X100 Pro2 Auto Key Programmer can make your vehicle service experience much easier due to the simple and robust Smart design.

Recently got customer feedback, saying this tool may sometimes break down with the “System File Error”, let’s see what the issue exactly is:

Good, I want to ask you a question, I turned on the x100 pro, and this error appears to me, do you have a solution? It just doesn’t give me options to continue operating on this tool. What am I supposed to do?



We are so happy to get the solution from Tech Support Engineer Mam Jazz

I had this problem when I tried to update the device. The problem occurred because I downloaded the wrong software to update the device.

the solution was to download the right software first, check this link:

Next is to format the device (erase everything),

then restore and update the tool.

After this process, everything became fine again.


Perhaps this “Xtool Download Upgrade Tool” will help you, link provided below:



May still have a question like the one below?

Further, ask from customer: the machine itself works fine to program remotes?

Answer from Mam Jazz:

I did not program a lot of remote but it worked fine. I did Nissan Murano and 2013 Corrolla no problem. I think Xtool x100 pro2  is a good tool for the price.


Any more questions, welcome to contact us: