How to Use XTOOL KC100 Adapter?

Xtool KC100 Adapter works with VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat 4th and 5th immobilizer software and BMW CAS1-3 and BMW CAS4 immobilizer software. Let’s take VW as an example. Since VW 4th and 5th, Immo programming needs online programming.



Here, use X100 PAD3 as an example. Please make sure X100 PAD3 connect Internet before doing programming. Please find operation steps as below:

1.Please use main cable and OBDII connector (or other relative connector) to connect between X100PAD3 and your car’s OBD port.

2.Please use USB to mini USB cable to connect between X100PAD3 and KC100.



3.Please switch ignition on position, then enter software as following steps: Immobilization – VW – 4th/5th Immobilizer System

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4.If your car is 4th immobilizer system, please click 4th immobilizer system. If your car is 5th immobilizer system, please click 5th immobilizer system. It will detect your meter type automatically, if it does not detect successfully, you can choose your meter type manually.



5.Then follow the instructions that software reminds you to copy new keys.


XTOOL Original KC100 for XTOOL X100 PAD2 to do VW4 & 5th IMMO. With KC100, X100 PAD2 can do all the function X100 Pad2 pro can Fulfill. Also, it can work together with Xtool X100 pad3/PS90/PS90 Pro.

Actually, Xtool KC100 can work with Xtool X100 pad2Xtool PS90 ProXtool PS90XTOOL A80 H6, Xtool X100 pad3. Learn more details about them, please check:

Xtool X100 pad2:


Xtool PS90 Pro:


Xtool PS90:




 Xtool X100 pad3:


What car model can KC100 support?

Support Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda 4th, 5th, MQB key matching
Support Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda 4th generation 96-bit online, 5th generation online, MBQ online key matching
Support BMW CAS1-CAS3++ key matching
Support Land Rover’s smart key write start function after 2015
Support Fiat Fexiang, 500, Palio and other models
Support Toyota, Lexus, all lost and no dismantling, can achieve 94, 98, A8, A9, 39 simulation key generation


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