How to solve XTOOL PS90 “Bluetooth Connection Failed”Error

Q: I need assistance I pulled my XTOOL PS90 Diagnostic tool today only to realise I couldn’t connect to the car?it told me ” Bluetooth Connection Failed

Xtool Bluthooth Connection Fail 01 Xtool Bluthooth Connection Fail 05

Answer from engineer:

A: You should Go to the APP setting, then go Bluetooth search your device pair, If you can find your Bluetooth pair, connection Directly, or if you can’t find the Bluetooth, Maybe your Bluetooth is broken

Xtool Bluthooth Connection Fail 04

XTOOL PS90 Bluetooth Connection Procedure below:

There is a Bluetooth module built into the VCI box to enable wireless connection to the PS90 tablet.


  1. Xtool Ps90 Bluetooth Connection 2Power Indicator: Turns green to indicate the power is on.
  2. Xtool Ps90 Bluetooth Connection 3Bluetooth Indicator: Turns red when Bluetooth is not connected, turns blue when Bluetooth is successfully connected.
  1. Xtool Ps90 Bluetooth Connection 4Vehicle Indicator: Turns green when VCI box is connected with vehicle successfully.
  2. Xtool Ps90 Bluetooth Connection 5USB Indicator: turns green when PS90 tablet and VCI box are connected via USB cable.

Bluetooth Connection 3->2->5->6

Xtool Ps90 Bluetooth Connection 01

  1. Connect the main test cable to the VCI box, then connect the main test cable with the OBD2 16 Pin connector or other connector, then plug into vehicles DLC port .
  2. Do not connect the PS90 Tablet to the VCI box with the USB cable. The Bluetooth will be paired automatically between PS90 tablet and VCI box.
  3. Switch on the ignition and turn on PS90 tablet, then tap on PS90 application icon to test vehicles.

Bluetooth pairing:

  1. Select the VCI serial number and PS90 will pair with it automatically when running PS90 APP.

Xtool Ps90 Bluetooth Connection 06

How to pair with another device?

Unpair the current device first, and then pair with the device you want Click Setting, and

Xtool Ps90 Bluetooth Connection 07

Unpair the current device.

Xtool Ps90 Bluetooth Connection 08

Select the device you want to pair with PS90 and input the PIN code.

Xtool Ps90 Bluetooth Connection 09 Xtool Ps90 Bluetooth Connection 10


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