Xtool X100 Pad2 add VW Jetta key 4th immo with KC100

Just a couple of months ago, I bought a key programmer Xtool X100 PAD2 with KC100 adapter. Later, I will connect them to a car VW Jetta 2010 with 4th immo system and NEC+24C32 cluster, to add a new key, the whole job is done on bench quickly.

Let’s move forward with step-by-step guide to show the whole operation process in detail.

Main steps identified:

Step 1 Read immokey data

Step 2 Make dealer key

Step 3 Add the key directly

Step 4. check if the new key was program successfully or not

We will begin with the first step. Let’s focus our attention up here.

Step 1 Read immokey data:

Enter tablet main menu <“x100 pad2” button on the screen>

Put the new key into the key slot of KC100

Select car type<VW here>

Agree to the disclaimer

Select “4th/5th Immobilizer system”

Then, the screen will show “turn on ignition switch”, press OK to continue.

Click 4th Immobilizer system

Click “NEC+24c32 (Recommend)” to choose the auto detect type that is the most applicable here

Click “Read immokey data”

The immokey data will be displayed on the screen, including VIN, CS, PIN, Key number, etc.

All right, let’s move on to the next step.

Step 2 Make dealer key

Click ” Make dealer key”. Just wait a few seconds until it activates KC100 successfully. Select the manufacturer->click VW->click OK two times to continue, The screen will show “success” and The blue light on KC100 will keep on flashing.

Step 3 Add the key directly

Press the button “Add the key directly”->click OK->Add the key directly “success”->click OK again

Step 4. check if the new key was program successfully or not

Press again the button of “Reading immokey data”.

The screen will show us the new immokey data after key programming.

If we compare with the Picture 8 back in Step 1, we will see the difference.

Catch that difference already?

Very well, the VIN, CS and PIN are the most basic information, not gonna change.

But the key number is change to “4-4”, previously it is “3-3”.

Also, the numerical value in the six column is changed to “2AD8163C”, totally different from the previous value “FFFFFFFF”.

Next, let’s put the new key in the sensor area, you will see the change on the dashboard: Key not in range to Volkswagen information system.

Job is finished! Xtool X100 PAD2 with KC100 adapter did a nice job!