XTOOL X100 PAD Tablet Series Key Programming Update: Adds 2015-2018 Jaguar/Land Rover Models

Good news!!! XTOOL X100 Pad tablet series adds all keys lost programming via OBD directly (free pin code) for 2015-2018 Jaguar/Land Rover Models with FK72 KVM module. It applies to X100 PAD, X100 PAD2X100 PAD2 ProX100 PAD3 plus KC100/KC501, X100 PAD3 SEX100 PAD3 SE plus KC501, etc. The aftermarket key is required. This update is coming est. on August 15th. Please stay tuned!

Xtool X100 Pad Tablet Series Landrover Add Akl 1

Note: Via OBD directly, KC501 needed

Here are the current Jaguar/Land Rover car models supported by XTOOL X100 PAD Tablet Series (before updating).

Jaguar Immobiliser Function List
Software Version: 26.32
Automaker Model System Function
JAGUAR type 1 Without smart 1.Read number of keys
2.All keys lost
JAGUAR XF (-2012) smart key 1.Program smart keys
2.Erase smart keys
JAGUAR XF (2012-) smart key 1.Add a smart key
2.Clear smart keys
JAGUAR XJ (-2013) smart key 1.Add smart key

2.Clear smart key
3.Restore smart key

JAGUAR type 1 Remote 1.Program remote
2.Number of remote
JAGUAR type 2 Remote 1.Program remote
2.Erase remote


Land Rover Function table V26.64
Automaker Car year Model Function menu Password
Land Rover 2005-2009 Range rover (Sport) 1.Program keys NO
Discovery 3
-2015 Range rover (Sport) 1.Add smart key
2.All smart keys lost3.Read ECU Information
-2015 Range rover
-2013 Evoque
-2013 Discovery 4
2012- Freelander 2
2006-2009 Range rover 1.Program keys NO
Freelander 1.Smart key NO
-2012 Freelander 2

How to program key to Land Rover/Jaguar by XTOOL X100 Pad Series Key Programmer?

Please refer to the following posts (add a spare new key).

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The all keys lost programming operation guide is coming soon! Please look forward to it!