XTOOL EZ400 Pro 2021 Customer Reviews: Free Update for Life Time and Save Money!

XTOOL EZ400 Pro comes with multi-language and supports IMMO+ Odometer adjustment+ Diagnosis+ special functions for European, American, Australian and Asian car models. It’s also suitable for Malaysia models (Proton and Perodua). Let’s see what exactly it can do from the newest customer reviews.


@Rodney Wyatt: Cost and ease of use.

Had it for over a week fixed my 2 cars, the more I learn and get used to it, the more value it has for me. Very pleased with the EZ 400 PRO.

Xtool Ez400 Pro Review


@Lucky-Luz: Great Product

I order this EZ400 PRO to replace my MD802 and let me tell you it was worth every penny. I would recommend.


@James colbert: You won’t regret this purchase!

Does everything it claims to do! Reprogrammed 2 new ford pats keys in just minutes with full PDF listing of issues. Tracked down all electromechanical issues and got the vehicle ball on the road in just one afternoon! WiFi updates finished flawlessly too!


@aperry: Very Easy to use!!

Great Product!!!! It is super easy to use…..I had purchased the launch CRP909E last month and used on a car to test codes and it worked fine. I tried it on my Subaru which I bought the unit for and could not program keys or reset anything! I contacted launch USA tech support and they told me they could not help me because it was not bought from them, REALLY!!! So I returned the unit and bought the Xtool EZ400 Pro.


The Xtool EZ400 Pro is great and you do not pay to update the software, you can do some actuator testing and has a 5 year warranty!


@Duffy: Great Tool for the price, Does everything it claims

Was a little apprehensive buying from an unknown brand but it works very good. Tons of obd1 adapters although most of them are for vehicles not common in the USA and no Ford EEC or Chrysler CCD cables. Very limited domestic obd1 support. Has worked on every car and system I have used this ez400 pro on. Software is updated very often, several times a month.


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