XTOOL MQB Token for MQB A6/Q7/A8 User Guide

XTOOL MQB Token (Point Card) can be used with XTOOL X100 PAD3 to get the authorization for calculation access via OBD2 for MQB A6/Q7/A8 programming online. No EEPROM REQUIRED! During this process, you should connect internet so that X100 Pad Elite can connect to MQB servers and perform calculations. After the calculation is done, your tablet will have unlimited access to that same vehicle.


How to get Xtool MQB Token?

Just order it and then contact us to get one code. Online sending! No need for shipping!

After ordering, you will receive an email with your activation code. Keep this email because you need to enter the code for programming.


How to use Xtool MQB Token?

When you purchase the online MQB A6/Q7/A8 point card and get the activation code, don’t enter the manual calculation menu. Just enter the automatic calculation mode, choose “Online Mode” as below.

Xtool Mqb Token For Mqb A6 Q7 A8 User Guide 1 Xtool Mqb Token For Mqb A6 Q7 A8 User Guide 2


Something important to know!!!

Please confirm whether your X100 PAD Elite is within the free upgrade period before purchasing Xtool MQB Token.

If it’s expired, you cannot use it even though you purchase the XTOOL MQB point card. Unless you buy an extra upgrade service!



Also Compatible for X100 PAD2/PAD2 Pro

Q: When do i need this token?
A:If you want to do All Key Lost for these three models”A6/A7/A8″,there is a message appeared.

Q:How to get the Token ?
A: Once finishing the purchasing, Please share Device Serial Number we will send a ID to you,then input the ID to use.

The main difference between XTOOL MQB Token (Item No. XNR-SS226) and XTOOL VAG Token (Item No. XNR-SS225) is:


SS225 is for MQB 4th/ 5th immobilizer systems and MQB-platform.
SS226 is for MQB A6/A7/A8 all lost password calculation.

Reference: XTOOL VAG Token for VAG 4th 5th IMMO & MQB AKL Using Tips


Only 38.00 pounds for XTOOL X100 PAD3 Online MQB A6/Q7/A8 programming point card: