XTOOL Professional Products OBD2 Key Programming Update Notice

Xtool key programmer has cost-effective professional programming tools such as Xtool X100 PAD3, X100 PAD2 PRO, X100 PAD which can provide customers with the most needed functions when performing key programming. They can satisfy the actual needs of different users, for example car enthusiasts, automotive repair factory and workshops. OBD2 professional tools has increasingly become one of the most critical parts concerned with car users.

Let’s come and see the Xtool majorkey programming update in August 2020:


Porsche-2011-2017 all vehicle series V26.20

>Read DFlash

>Generate dealer key

>Learning key


  1. Support disassembly and reading of front-end electronic control module DFlash
  2. Support generating Porsche 49 chip dedicated key
  3. Support all lost of all vehicle models from 2011to 2017″


GM Buick/Cadillac V27.80

>Add 2020Buick ENCLAVE smart key matching

>Add 2020 Cadillac CTS smart key matching


Support OBD read password


BMW V26.35

>Improve the preprocessing CAS4 and upgrade the CAS4 version library of all CAS4 models

>Add CAS4: reset mileage function

>Add MV1722 engine: read ECU information, read ISN, write ISN, write VIN

>Add MS450DS0 engine: read ECU information, read ISN

>Add MEV9N46L engine: read ECU information, read ISN

>Add MSS60engine: read ECU information, read ISN

>Increase MSD851 engine: read ECU information, read ISN, backup FLASH, restore FLASH”


Toyota V26.71

>Smart Key all lost “Optimize KC501 to generate analog keys

>Add 94 types of immobilization data backup and analysis (2007 Corolla Smart key)”


BVD V26.35

>Optimize matching engine computer


Support ECU change matching


SGMW/Baojun ->Wuling V26.11/Baojun V26.51

> Add password-free matching


SGMW/Baojun all series password free


Brilliance-Zhonghua V7 V26.57

>Add intelligent key programming function


Changan-CS55 PLUS/CS85 V27.40

>Add CS55 PLUS integrated vehicle body control system, remote control matching and BCM matching

>Add CS85 vehicle body system (Delphi IBCM), key matching, Bluetooth key matching and anti-theft matching”


Support all lost


HaiMa-S5 second generation V26.70

>Add Tiejun body, mechanical key and remote control match-ing, smart key matching, BCM learning

>Add Jinzheng Carl vehicle body, remote control matching


Support all lost


Futon-Savannah/Auman(heavy truck)/Aoling(light truck)/M4 V26.20

>Add remote control matching


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