XTOOL Tablet Series Car Diagnosis TOYOTA V12.90

XTOOL tablet series include two categories’ products of “key programmer” and “diagnosis tool”. Key programming tools like X100 Pad3 and X100 Pad2 pro support car diagnosis, the difference is X100 Pad3 supporting all-system diagnosis while X100 Pad2 Pro only four systems. All the products of the category of “diagnosis tool” such as PS90 pro, A80 H6 and EZ500 support car diagnosis. One of the big difference is whether the specified product supporting full-system diagnosis or not. This is also one of the reason why the price for each product of this category varies differently.

Now, let’s check the detailed updated information for Car Diagnosis TOYOTA V12.90


Languages Supported: Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian,Vietnamese


1.Optimize automatic scanning function
2.Update DTCs for engine, gearbox, ABS, airbag, start-stop, main body, tire pressure, hybrid control, plug-in control, HV battery, front and rear generators, air conditioning, instrumentation, four-wheel drive, electronic power steering and radar cruise of Toyota and Lexus in Europe
3.Optimize the special functions of Toyota in Europe as follows: AVENSIS Pre-Crash 2 system Camera Axis Adjust and Rear Beam Axis Adjustment,COROLLA/AURIS PCS/LDA/RSA/LVN system Headlight Type Setting,COROLLA PCS/LDA/RSA/LVN system Headlight Type Setting,AYGO PCS/LDA/RSA/LVN system History Clear,4RUNNER Front Recognition Camera system History Clear,HIGHLANDER/KLUGER Front Recognition Camera system Initial Axis Adjust Value Display
4.Optimize the special functions of Lexus in Europe as follows: LS500 Front Radar Sensor system Front Beam Axis Misalignment Reading,Front Radar Acceleration Sensor Calibration,Transition to Online Axis Alignment Mode,Front Recognition Camera system Front Recognition Camera Axis Misalignment Reading,Front Side Radar Master system Front Side Radar Master Abnormal History,Front Side Radar Master Beam Axis Adjustment,Front Side Radar Master Beam Axis Display
5.The newly added special functions of Toyota in Japan are as follows: TOYOACE/DYNA 200 Pre-Collision 2 system Front Beam Axis Adjustment function, TOYOACE/DYNA 200 Pre-Collision 2 system Learning Value Initialization function, TOYOACE/DYNA 200 Vehicle Control system Slope Information Zero Point Calibration function, TOYOACE/DYNA 200 Hybrid Control system High Voltage Fuse Maintenance Information Reset function, TOYOACE/DYNA 200 Hybrid Control system Battery Maintenance Information Reset function, TOYOACE/DYNA 200 Pre-Collision 2 system PCS Operation Count function, TOYOACE/DYNA 200 Pre-Collision 2 system Yaw Rate Sensor Zero Point Calibration function, TOYOACE/DYNA 200 Engine system DPR Check function, TOYOACE/DYNA 200 Engine system Intake Throttle Valve Initialization function, TOYOACE/DYNA 200 Engine system Pump Machine Difference Learning function, TOYOACE/DYNA 200 AMT system AMT Configuration Change function, PASSO SETTE KFS system Smart Key Communication Check function, PASSO SETTE KFS system Transponder Communication Check function, PASSO SETTE KFS system Wireless Communication Check function, PIXIS EPOCH Body system AHB Operation History Clear function, ALPHARD HV/VELLFIRE HV Telematics system Telematics System Activation function
6.Added Korean language, added support for A30PRO, X100PAD PLUS