XTOOL V-A-G401 V401 Feedback on VW3, VW5, VW6, VW10

Thanks for customers good feedback:

Hi, have Xtool V401, trying to reset Golf mk6 2010 airbag. The airbag reads as VW10. In the rest page no VW10 appears, VW3, VW5, VW6 but no VW10. Am I doing something wrong? thanks

Thanks for coming back to me. I managed to sort out the problem. The communication between car and unit takes a long time, so long that I had assumed it had frozen. However, now I have been a bit more patient it presented me with the expected fault codes and then allowed me to reset.

So ultimately this is down to user error/impatience.

One improvement you could do is mention in your documentation that the communication time can vary between the different parts of the car its communicating with.

Apart from that all good.

Yes, I think that’s what happened,

The first pic is the scan showing the airbag as VW10

The second and third pic are the fault codes.