2015 BMW X3 F25 Online ECU Programming by Xtool A80 Pro

It is a 2015 BMW X3 F25 X3 xDrive20i (Europe). The seat memory, driver programming and coding were completed by Xtool A80 Pro (H6 Pro).

Note: the device used is Xtool H6 Pro, but A80 Pro covers the same function.


Operation guide:

Turn on Xtool tablet

Select Xool Diagnosis>> Diagnosis>> Europe>> BMW>> Automatic selection

Xtool A80 Pro Bmw Online Ecu Program 1 Xtool A80 Pro Bmw Online Ecu Program 2

Confirm the vehicle profile

Xtool A80 Pro Bmw Online Ecu Program 3

Select Programming/Coding, the corresponding programming connection diagram will appear on the screen

Xtool A80 Pro Bmw Online Ecu Program 4

  • Connect VCI box to the vehicle via OBDII+ USB cable, and connect to A80 Pro via BMW cable

Read the disclaimer carefully and go to next step

It will show the vehicle details.

All systems are calculating configuration file of programming and coding. It will take about 3 minutes, just keep patient.

Then follow the prompt to select the system to be programmed in the list

Xtool A80 Pro Bmw Online Ecu Program 5

Note: Before programming/coding for the dashboard, make sure that the device is not modified, otherwise the operation may fail, and users shall bear the consequences it may result in.

Important! Make sure A80 Pro has connected with an available WIFI before operation.

Path: Go to settings>> Wi-Fi>> Select one available WiFi to connect

Xtool A80 Pro Bmw Online Ecu Program 6

Then it will switch WLAN communication and download programming data from the server

Confirm whether you want to continue- Seat memory, driver- get on ‘Programming only’ or ‘code only’ or ‘Programming and coding’ functions

Xtool A80 Pro Bmw Online Ecu Program 7

Make sure the ignition switch is on

Ensure that the current-voltage must be 13V above

By diagnosis, eliminate no faults in the vehicle electrical system

Confirm the current system programmed times and go to perform seat memory and driver system programming

It will take approximately 5 minutes to finish the whole programming operation.

Seat memory, driver programming and coding are successful.

Xtool A80 Pro Bmw Online Ecu Program 8

Awesome! BMW 2015 X3 F25 Driver Seat memory online programming and coding are done successfully by XTOOL A80 Pro full system diagnostic tool.