Will Xtool X100 pro2 program key on 2005 Citroen C2 1.1L?

Does Xtool X100 pro2 Program 2005 Citroen C2 1.1L key? Will it read pincode? Go on read xtooling.

Select ” Immobiliser”.

Select “Citroen V26.52”.

Select “Program keys”.

Select from vehicle.


Type 1 (VAN).

Program keys.

After performing this function, all keys will be erased, press OK to continue, press Cancel to return.

If security code is wrong the programming will be forbidden. Press Yes to continue, press NO to return.

Please input security code.

Note: there is no letter O or I in the security code.

We do not have the security code, so we go back to select “Citroen V19.27”.

Select “Security code”.

Turn the ignition on with the programmed key and press “Enter” to continue.

The vehicle does not support reading pincode function, only supports CAN system models.

So, Xtool x100 pro2 cannot program the key without pin code. I have tried Grand Cherokee 2005 with Canbus protocol and has automatically read pin code and program key automatically.

So, be careful if you don’t have the CAN bus protocol Citroen, Xtool x100 pro2 cannot read the pincode. I also tried 2000 Grand Cherokee and fail to read the pincode and this Citroen C2 2005 pin code cannot be read out neither.

BTW, This procedure also suit for Citroen key programming  with Xtool x100 pro3