XTOOL Major Truck Diagnosis Function Update Notice

XTOOL Truck Diagnostic Tool has representative high-performance products such as PS90 HD, EZ500 HD and HD900. This category’s products endeavor to provide the technicians, professional repair shop with latest truck diagnosis platform.

Combining with vast vehicle coverage, strong diagnostic functions, many special functions and advanced diagnostic technology together, they are all excellent products for truck diagnosis.


Come and check more information about XTOOL Major Truck Diagnosis Function Update in August 2020.




Cummins-Cummins Engine V21.07

>Update error code library

>Optimize data stream reading


HiN0 V7.14

>Add J708 Engine system

>Mainly for customers in Southeast Asia, add K13C system


F0T0N 21.14

>Add Sensata TPMS, PCC, Shanghai Zhibo Radar System etc Diagnosis function

>Add TUNLAND(P203)->BCM, ICM, Wuxi Kailong SCR (National Six) and so on system motion tests

>Add Wuxi Kailong SCR(National Six) system Diagnosis


DAYUN 20.6

>Add recent Diagnosis function


Kaima 20.44

>Optimize IVCI+ function


Ankal 20.42

>Optimize IVCI+ function


Shenlong 20.44

>Optimize IVCI+ function


CNHTC 21.3

>Optimize IVCI+ function


Baoli 20.02

>Optimize IVCI+ function


Continental Electronic Horse 20.01

>Add Cummins Horse Brand


Weichai power 21.19

>Optimize menu


FAWDE 20.7

>Optimize IVCI+ function


Renault power 20.37

>Optimize IVCI+ function