Xtool tire pressure scanner introduction

Tire pressure monitoring system, referred to as TPMS, currently the mainstream in the market is the direct tire pressure monitoring system. Four tire pressure monitoring sensors are installed in the tires to collect information and transmit it to the central control computer. Tire high pressure, tire low pressure, Alarm when the tire is hot.

XTOOL tire pressure scanner introduction

In the direct tire pressure monitoring system, the sensor needs a battery and has a limited life span, usually 5 to 10 years, and most of the batteries cannot be replaced, and a new sensor needs to be replaced.

Use Xtool TS100 universal programmable tire pressure sensor to replace the old original sensor

315MHz, 433MHz dual-frequency in one

Through the Xtool tire pressure diagnostic tool to achieve programming matching to meet different models.

Unlimited programming

Support LF wireless programming, unlimited programming and writing.

Suitable for 99% of models on the market

It is suitable for 99% of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nissan and other vehicles with TPMS on the market, and is suitable for tires of various sizes.

XTOOL tire pressure scanner introduction

High-speed anti-interference, long-term reliability

It has passed the industry’s harsh high-speed rotation test at 300km/h, 1500G, 65°C, and 8 hours, and the battery life is more than 5 years.

Tire pressure monitoring, safety escort

Real-time collection of tire pressure, temperature, acceleration, and battery voltage data.

The pressure value is accurate to 0.1BAR

Adopt international leading Freescale FXTH87 series chips.

Activating and programming tire pressure sensor & tire pressure system diagnosis


Use TP150 tire pressure diagnostic tool


Programming 8 tire pressure sensors at the same time, efficient and convenient

The Xtool tire pressure sensor is programmed to make it suitable for different models, and 1-8 tire pressure sensors can be programmed wirelessly at the same time.

Activate 315MHz and 433MHz tire pressure sensors

Support sensor activation, ID value reading and writing, and real-time tire pressure data can be read and displayed through graphics.

XTOOL tire pressure scanner introduction

Supports tire pressure diagnosis for thousands of models

Supports tire pressure fault diagnosis for thousands of models, including code reading and clearing.

Operation guide function is more convenient

Record the most recent test data, which is convenient for users to follow-up operations; the automatic shutdown time can be set to save power and extend battery life.