XTOOL X100 PAD2 Pro Have Success in Add Key + Change Mileage for Different Cars

XTOOL X100 PAD2 Pro is a comprehensive key programmer which is able to do key programming, odometer adjustment, and special function. Though it’s not 100% working for all car models, but seem to be working on most, check the related feedback from users.


Audi A4 2007 add remote

Audi A1 2016 Change mileage, Learn key, Works good

Audi a4 2012 (eu cars) read, make dealer key and program key all ok, Remote key not proximity

Audi TT 2001 read pin, add key and remote all ok

2007 Audi A4 2.0 TDi add remote 2 mins very good shows what slots are programmed and lets you pick slot 1-4 for new remote.

Audi Q7 2008 mileage correction – OK, done the job under menu 2009-2011 – waiting time around 20 minutes, must be patient

2010 Audi A3 program remote function very fast with no issues

A4 2010 add key ok


BMW 328I 2007 CAS3+ Add remote key ok internet connection needed, no need downgrade CAS


X100 pad2 pro mileage working 2010 w212 amg

Chevy (Chevrolet):

Chevrolet Lacetti 2008 AKL OK, need 2x ID60 (remote use KD)

onix 2014 add key okay
cruze 2013 add key okay
cobalt 2015 add key okay

blazer 2014 okay add key

Chevrolet aveo 2009-add key –OK

Montana 2009 read pin code and add key okay


Citroen C4 2005 Fail read PIN code in French version! But OK in English

Citroen Berlingo 2008year read pin code (type3) ok, add remote key ok!

berlingo eeprom read pin ok

C4 Picasso 2015 keyless – Read PIN – OK – Add key OK

xsara picasso 2005 year read pin code (type3 K)ok program key ok! Better than x300dp plus!

Berlingo 2007 AKL, read pin and program OK.

citroen c3 2008 read pin code and add key okay
citroen c4 2010 add key okay
id 46 / C4 Citroen CACTUS , read PIN code & program key OK

Citroën C3 2001 Read pin learn key works good

Citroen C4 2009 leer pin, todas las llaves perdidas OK

Citroen C3 2003 read pin code and add remote

Citroen C2 2004 read pin code and add remote xhorse

Citroen C4 2016 read pin and add key OK

add key AES Jumpy 2019, read pin and programming very fast.

AKL Citroen 2006 C2 old BSI (SIEMENS F02 , VAN ) READ PIN CODE by flashing  … in 1 minute , program key OK , BUT NEED INTERNET

C4 Grand Picasso 2006 – JC BSI – Read pin OK – Program key – OK

Citroen Berlingo 2010 AKL – read pin OK – Program key – OK

Citroen c4 picaso 2013-OK

Citroen c2, c3 c4 2002-2010 read pin code and add key-OK

Citroen C3 2007 Add key 2 min job .Pin code already new


Chrysler Town&Country 2013 add smart key OK


RAM 1500 2012 add Fobik OK

dodge neon 2005 remote control ok, pin code not supported


Ford ranger transponder 80 bits ok

Ford transit blue remote key used Australia Ford add key ok tryed all key lost didn’t work

eu cars

Ford Mustang 2013 add key ok!

Ford EcoSport 2015 non bladed key programmed transponder and remote OK. All keys lost

ford transit 2011 europe add blue key ok

ford fiesta 2004 , read number of key OK

Ford F150 2008 USA, AKL ok, add 2x 4D63

Ford Fiesta 2010 AKL – Done the job for 20 seconds

Ford mondeo 2002 tibe key add 1 key ok no need to wait 10 mins.

2009 Ford Focus AKL Done 2 minutes but under Ford China in menu

fiesta 2011 add key okay
focus 2012 add key okay
focus titaniun 2014 add key okay
Ford C-max 2011 add key ok.
ford transit conect 2006 akl -added 1 key

uno way 2013 dash, read pin code, make a dealer key , and add key is okay.
fiat uno 2007 , key prepared by effi and added by pad 2 obd connection + pin code,,
fiat palio fire economy 1.0 year 2010 key added by pad 2 ,, same as fiat uno
fiat strada , 2009 and 2008 ,, same as uno and palio
all them imobox 1k59h,,

Fiat Punto 2014 leer pin, programar todas llaves perdidas OK

Fiat grande Punto 2009 add key OK
fiat doblo 2003 , key prepared by effi and added by pad 2
fiat siena 2001 , key prepared by effi and added by pad 2
fiat palio wekend 2002 key prepared by effi and added by pad 2
all them same body computer ,, 93lc66
big motherboard and small motherboard
palio 2005 bc 1k79x
palio 2011 bc 1k79x
siena 2007 bc 1k79x
strada 2009 bc 1k79
fiat gran siena 2014
key prepared by effi+upa+zed bull and key added by pad2 by obd,
bcm 326 g .
all them added key okay by obd +pin code,, key prepared by zed bull + effi,,


honda Accord 02-07 Reset ecu Sync Ok

simple honda crv 2004 add keys id48 no problem

2007 Honda Civic AKL programmed new key 2 mins

Add key and remote to Honda Civic 2008

honda hr 2015 add key okay
Honda civic 2002 id48 add key ok!

Honda Insight 2010 AKL – OK
civic 2011 add key okay
civic 2007 add key okay
Honda Insight 2010 AKL – OK

Honda CRV 2008 spare key – Program key ID46 – OK

Honda Jazz 2009 AKL 8E chip – OK


hyundai elantra 2012 remote ok

Hyundai 2014 ix35 smart key program OK

2012 Hyundai i35 spare key job. cloned chip with HB. Remote programmed with xpad went in but remote wouldn’t work until I unplugged tester from OBD then working perfectly.

Hyundai hb20 2016 add key okay


infinity fx35 03-08 read pin code in type 2 4 digit use old pin, All lost key added ok


2015 JEEP Grand Cherokee – read code + added key Hitag2 proximity OK!

Jeep liberty 02-12 read pin ok, add remote key ok


read pin code kia sorento 2016 OK

kia sportage 2015/16 add key okay

Land Rover:
LR Sport 2009 add Chinese remote key OK
Ranger T6 2015 AKL, lishi for door lock and X100 pad2 for programming. 2mn done.

land rover freelander 2 2012 add 1 key

landrover freelander 2006 add remote it’s ok

Ranger 2017 Hitag Pro: add key OK

range rover sport 2012 add key ok

Disco 4, add smart OK (Hitage Pro)


Mazda 3 2008 Synchronization ecu immo ok

2015 Mazda 3 adding smart key ok

Mazda 6 2008 chip 4d63 add key ok

Mazda bt50 2017 odometer change work!!! in 30 seconds

2005 Mazda 2 4D63 AKL add key 2 mins, Key diy remote added manually 433Mhz


2007 Mitsubishi Lancer AKL programmed ID46 transponder 2 minutes

ASX 2012, clear stolen remote key OK (only by AKL). This car is weird, clear remote OK, but can only add 1 remote

Mitsubishi asx 2013 , transponder prepared by handy baby and added by pad 2

mitsubishi asx 2014 add smart key ok

Mitshubishi L200 2011 id46 Akl add key ok china menu


Nissan X trail 2016 added key okay!

Nissan Micra MK12 works but need to generate pin code from glovebox so need to find a external calculator.

2012 Nissan Note pulled wrong pin but went straight in with known pin code in 2 minutes

Nissan Note 2009 – read wrong 12 digit code – AKL or add key – OK with knowed code

Nissan Qashqai 2008 – read 4 pin code – OK – AKL or add key – OK

Nissan note 2015 ok
Nissan Note 2011 add key OK (need glovebox PIN code)

2009 Nissan X TRAIL ( OLD PIN CODE 4 DIGIT ) key programming OK

2012 J10 Nissan , program 2 keys in few seconds after reading BCM code + new PIN

PSA , Partner 2012 AKL , online PIN retrieve ( with booster 2 min ! type of BSI ??? ) , key program OK\


Astra J 2010 and Insignia 2010 – Read pin OK add key OK

Astra-J read pin ok add key ok

Vauxhall Combo 2014 add remote key OK (use Fiat Fiorino, read pin, precode PCF7946)Opel Astra H add key just add ,i didnt tried to read pin code

Opel Zafira C add key ok pulled pin from gm menu added key under astra j
Corsa c 2010 brazilian model add key is okay


Peugeot 207 2006 add new key/remote success

2010 peugeot 206 read pin code ok, add key ok!

206+ 2010 add remote key: X100 pad 2 read pin in 2 minutes. Program remote key Ok. Under system 3(K)

207 2010 add key okay
206 2007 add key okay
Peugeot 307cc 2007 AKL 0523 ASK – OK

Peugeot 308 2011 Read pin learn key,Works good

AKL Peugeot 1007 VAN (= no CAN ! ) , ONLINE read security code under Citroen ( Siemens BSI ) OK

Peugeot 307 2005 add remote and key already knew pincode

Peugeot 407 2006 add key-OK (Thank you Terminator 1000)

Peugeot 307 2008 read pin code and add key-OK

Peugeot 308 2010 zear add key ,remote OK.Pin code i already new


2006 Porsche Cayenne 9PA mileage: OK


Tested all Renault in menu, last update resolve all bugs , very good tool for French cars ( including PSA )

Kangoo 2; key programming OK

Megane 2; card program OK

Twingo 2; key programming OK, remote control OK

Clio 3; key programming OK

Master 3; Key programming OK

2006 Renault Scenic 3 button card, Pulled pin in under a minute and programmed card in a minute. Pin automatic no need to type it in

Programmed under Renault Traffic 2 keys 2 minutes

Renault Meganes work for key card

megane/scenic (2006 check one more time) read pin code ok ,add key card success.

Clio 3 remote key 7947: OK

Dacia Sandero Stepway 2012 program remote ok. You have to read pin first and it’s the pin 2 the one that’s needed for programming.PCF7946 (ID46) on the remote that i have used.

sandero 2014 (old version) add key okay,
sandero 2009 , add key okay
kangoo 2011 add key okay,,
dacia sandero 2016 key and pin code okey
Clio 2 ph2 2005, auto pin and program 7946: OK

Scenic 2 2006, auto pin and program card: OK

Scenic 2 2009, read pin but wrong, use FnR to finish the card.

Renault megane 2008 Read pin learn keys,Works good

Renault clio 2 2005 – AKL – remote 1 button – OK

Renault Megan 2005 read pin code and add key- OK

Renault Megan 2006 key kard ,Read Pin code ,add key 2 min job


Seat Leon 2000 year (using cluster VDO K-line):

Read PIN: Reads Wrong Pin (vag tacho 5.0 read correct Pin)

Add Key: OK

Add Remote: OK

KLM adjustment: OK


Seat Leon 2003 year (using cluster VDO K-line):

Read PIN: OK

Add Key: OK

Add Remote: OK

KLM adjustment: OK


Seat Leon 2004 year (using cluster VDO K-line):

Read PIN: OK

Add Key: OK

Add Remote: OK

KLM adjustment: OK


Seat Toledo 2000 year: Read PIN: OK, Add Key: OK, Add Remote: OK

Added remote key for seat ibiza 2002 ID46

program 2004 Seat IBIZA key


ibiza 2015 add key ok

Seat alhambra 2015 milage correction ok no problem



Added a key on a Skoda Octavia 2009.3 mins job

Skoda octavia 2011 program remote – OK

skoda super b 2015 km ok

Skoda Superb 2009 – mileage corection – OK

Skoda Fabia 2013-read pin code and add key-OK


Toyota hilux 2013 transponder g ok

Toyota 4 runner 2012 4d67 ok

smart fourtwo 2012…add (3 button) key all ok.

Toyota Quantum add H key OK.

2012 Toyota Camry ok

prius 2009 transponder ok

Toyota corolla 2015 Brazilian version okay
Toyota Rav4 2007 AKL ok

Toyota Yaris 2013 hybrid – add a smart key – OK


VW: Polo 6N: (with valid login), Add Key: OK

Golf 2010 4th immo: NEC + 24C32, read immo data, make dealer key OK.

Golf 7 MQB key, add key with KC100: OK

Golf 6 2010, copy thansponder (Common chinese id48 blank) with kc100 OK, read immo data OK, make dealer key OK.

VW Polo 6R 2011 – black dash – mileage correction – OK

VW Golf 2004 works

Programming of OEM key on VW Touareg 2016

golf 2003 read add key okay
golf 2012 g5 add key okay

golf 5 precoded transponder pulled pin and 1 key programmed

GOlf 4 2002 Read pin code-NOT GOOD

Golf 5 2007 read pin code OK
voyage 2009 add key okay
santana 2005 add key okay
parati 2007 add key okay
fox 2008 add key okay,,
VW Sharan 2003 add key ok
VW golf4 2001 no pin code reading, program key ok.
VW Passat 2004 read pin code ok program key ok!
Vw polo 2012 Change mileage, Learn key, Works good

Vw polo 2017 Change mileage, Learn key, Works good

Vw Read write eeprom, Cluster and ecu, Works good

Vw Transporter 2012, Learn key change mileage, Works good

2010 VW Tiguan remote programmed ok

VW Eos 2006 – program remote – OK

VW golf 4 2004 read pin code and add key -OK

Vw polo 9N 2002 read pin code and add key-OK

VW passat 2001 read pin code and add key-OK


To be continued…

Thanks to all users’ real feedback.