Both XTOOL X100 Pro2 and OBDSTAR X300M support odometer adjustment and OBD2 diagnosis, what’s the difference between them? How to choose?


XTOOL X100 Pro2 features:

  • Odometer adjustment + OBDII diagnosis+ Immobiliser+ EEPROM

Xtool X100 Pro Vs Obdstar X300m 1


1.It doesn’t support mileage correction for universal cars, Japanese cars such as TOYOTA (some car models), Honda, and other new cars after the 2015 year.

2.Key Programmer with EEPROM (Basic 2000-2014 year) supports new keys/ immobilizer/ remote controller/vehicle Identification Number programming and reads keys from immobilizer’s memory.

  • Language: English, Italian, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polski, German, the language can be switched directly in the device
  • Software-update: Free Update Lifetime at xtooltech.com

Price:  £184.00 [UK/EU/US Ship No Tax]


OBDSTAR X300M features:

  • Odometer adjustment + OBDII diagnosis

Xtool X100 Pro Vs Obdstar X300m 2

Note:  It covers more than 50 vehicles, all cars can be adjusted via OBD, but it doesn’t support TOYOTA (some car models) and HONDA

  • Language: English
  • Software-update: Free update for 1 year on official website www.obdstar.com, the update cost is 85.00USD/Year, after one year  
  • Price: £97 [EU/UK Ship No Tax]


To sum up:

X100 Pro 2 advantages:

1.Can do more functions like Immobiliser and EEPROM while X300M cannot;

2.Comes with multi-language;

3.Supports free update for free for life.


OBDSTAR X300M advantages:

It is better in mileage correction because it supports more car models and operates more stable.


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For OBDSTAR X300 car list, please visit http://en.obdstar.com/car.html or contact us.