XTOOL X100 PAD3 with KC501 Program Remote for 2010 Mercedes Sprinter?

Question: Is it possible to program remote for 2010 Mercedes Sprinter using Xtool X100 Pad3 with KC501?

Xtool.co.uk engineer answered:

Please confirm whether the Benz chassis is 906. If it is, then you can add a new key, but all keys lost are not supported!

Note: The new key you want to add should be the Mercedes-Benz BE key made by other brands such as Xhorse VVDI BE key or CGDI MB BE key.

Xhorse BE KEY
Xhorse BE KEY

It’s not difficult to do key programming, just follow the video carefully to operate.

Main operation guide:

Step 1: Prepare X100 PAD Elite with KC501, one original Benz key, and one BE key

Step 2: Read EIS info

Step 3: Get password from the programmed car key

Step 4: Generate the key file

Xtool X100 Pad3 Kc501 Program 2010 Benz Sprinter 1 Xtool X100 Pad3 Kc501 Program 2010 Benz Sprinter 2 Xtool X100 Pad3 Kc501 Program 2010 Benz Sprinter 3

For which specific Mercedes-Benz can work with X100 Pad Elite to program key, please refer to the following post:

XTOOL X100 PAD3 Mercedes-Benz Key Programming Car List+ How to Use

Please kindly notice:

XTOOL KC501 adds Benz W169 lock head to read/write flash data, and XTOOL X100 PAD3 adds more car models to do injector coding and adds the initial coding system on 135 systems and related initial coding function.

1.Injector coding (Europe) – Mercedes-Benz V10.03:

> Add injector coding function for CLA series 117, GLE series 166, GLS series 166, C series 204, E series 212

2.BENZ – Mercedes-Benz V19.90:

> Update car coverage: E(212/207), M/GLE/GL/GL(166), C/GLK(204), CLA(117), GLA(156), A(176), SLK/SLC(172), SLS(197), CLS(218), B(246/242), SL(231) , G(463) after 2010

> Add the initial coding system on 135 systems

Function list: Gasoline/diesel engine, DTR-distance control system, PPMKS-multi-profile seat pneumatic pump, ESP-electronically controlled vehicle stabilization system, SCR-selective catalytic reduction, PSD-‘panoramic sliding sunroof’ control module (A98) , SDAR-satellite radio, ESV-‘driver’ electric seat matching, ESA-‘front passenger’ electric seat matching, sound-sound system, KLA-automatic thermostat control system, ICI-in-car Internet, H3/1 -Alarm horn (AS), TV-TV tuner, NAV-navigation module, SAM DRIVE-drive position signal acquisition and activation module, N123/4 (emergency call system control unit), ES-electric power steering, ESP-electronic control Vehicle stable driving system, KG-keyless start, MSS-multifunctional control unit, VGS-transmission control, RFK-reversing camera, KOMO-telecommunications service communication module, KLA-air conditioner, EHPS-electro-hydraulic power steering system, PTCU-transmission system, roof control panel, ABR-adaptive brake, D FOL-left display in the rear passenger area, D FOR-right display in the rear passenger area, EZS-electronic ignition switch, AVE H -‘Rear seat entertainment system’ control unit, KI-instrument panel, SRS-auxiliary protection device, PTS-parking positioning system.

> Add the initial coding function

Function list:

1) KI-Dashboard: Support for modifying language settings, winter tire maximum speed, blind assist, lock feedback sound, lighting brightness, high beam assist, and other settings

2) Engine system: Support ECO start/stop function, maximum vehicle speed, gear ratio, vehicle speed limit (backward), gear shift suggestions, air conditioning, fan, heat management, fan delay operation, exhaust gas recirculation, operating mode, vehicle dynamics, Color display, ignition switch correction programming, fuel quantity correction programming, idling standard speed correction programming when the selector lever position is’P’ or’N’, idling standard speed correction programming when the gear is engaged, fuel injection Nozzle injection volume matching and other settings

3) KG-keyless start: support for activating the component fail conversion module’

4) STH-auxiliary heating system: support model code

5) AUDIO-audio or cab management and data system: support language setting, frequency display, rear interior lighting and other settings

6) EZS-Electronic ignition switch: support initialization, use the repair shop key to disable the key or key slot, disable the key or key slot, re-enable the key or key slot, write the vehicle identification number, and turn off the turn signal indicator after the trunk lid is closed Delay time and other settings

7) ESP-Electronic Control Vehicle Stable Driving System: Detect the code of “Mountain Road Start Assistant”.

8) PTCU-transmission system: write the parameter data of the component “M56 (vacuum pump)”, reset the parameter data of the component “M56 (vacuum pump)”, write the tariff setting, reset the tariff setting, write the vehicle identification number (VIN), execution control unit delay operation and other settings

9) PTS-Parking Positioning System: Support sound and frequency, trailer hook setting

Available link to get Xtool X100 PAD3 Plus Xtool KC501 (UK/EU/US Ship No Tax):